CHANGE: Beginning at the start of production 1996, some models equipped with the 41TE (A604) transaxle replaced the PRNODL and Neutral Safety Switch with a Transmission Range Sensor.  

REASON: To provide a common shift lever position sensor and Transmission Control Module (TCM) logic system with that used in the 42LE (A606) transaxle for durability and reliability.

(1) PRNODL SWITCH - The previously used Park, Reverse, Neutral, Overdrive, Drive, Low Switch PRNODL) has been eliminated and replaced with the new Transmission Range Sensor.
(2) NEUTRAL SWITCH - The previously used Neutral Switch has been eliminated and replaced with the new Transmission Range Sensor.
(3) TRANSAXLE CASE - The casting of the case change with the elimination of the two threaded holes for the PRNODL and Neutral Safety Switch. An access hole has been added to accommodate the new TRS sensor connector as the switch which is mounted on the valve body.
(4)VALVE BODY - The manual arm shaft and rooster comb assembly and the valve body changed in design to accommodate the mounting of the new TRS sensor.
(5) TCM - The logic system flashed into the computer program changed to accept the open and closed state of the new Transmission Range Sensor. With the PRNODL and Neutral switches having been integrated into the one Transmission Range Sensor, the new logic system now has to utilize the one sensor to determine start up functions, reverse lamp operation, as well as forward drive range shift and converter clutch strategies.

None of the updated parts listed above will interchange with any of the first design parts used in the previous model vehicles between 1989 and 1995. First design parts must be used with first design models and second design parts must be used with second design models, 1996 and above.

A scanner can be used to observe the OPEN/CLOSED state of the C1/T41, C2/T42, C3/T3 and the C4/T1 circuits. This can be especially helpful in determining which exact circuit is malfunctioning.

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